How I Grew My Landscaping Business to $1 Million: A Success Story

Insights and Tips on Starting and Growing a Successful Landscaping Business

Starting a landscaping business can be daunting, but with the right strategies and mindset, it’s possible to achieve remarkable success. This article explores how Dylan Brannon turned his small landscaping business into a million-dollar enterprise, providing invaluable tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Journey to a Million-Dollar Landscaping Business

Starting from Scratch: The Early Days

Dylan Brannon’s journey into the landscaping world began from humble beginnings. With no prior experience in landscaping, Dylan found his inspiration from YouTube videos. He was particularly influenced by the energetic and informative videos of Keith Kelvis. Dylan was captivated by the idea of transforming outdoor spaces and decided to take the leap into the landscaping business.

Before acquiring his first piece of equipment or landing his first client, Dylan meticulously handled the administrative aspects of his business. He secured his LLC, created a logo, and purchased insurance. This proactive approach ensured that his business foundation was solid, setting the stage for future growth.

Key Strategies for Landscaping Business Growth

Dylan’s initial projects were modest, but they provided crucial learning experiences. He began with small jobs, such as debris cleanup after a hurricane. By door knocking and offering his services directly to potential clients, he gradually built a reputation for reliability and quality work.

His breakthrough came from attending industry events and continuously seeking education. Dylan’s visit to the GIE Expo and participation in Grant Cardone’s sales boot camps equipped him with the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle larger projects. By applying advanced sales tactics and refining his service offerings, Dylan was able to close his first $10,000 job, quickly followed by a $22,000 project.

Importance of Networking and Continuous Learning

Networking played a pivotal role in Dylan’s success. He immersed himself in environments where he could learn from seasoned professionals. Attending events hosted by industry leaders like Grant Cardone and Keith Kelvis allowed him to absorb valuable insights and strategies.

One of Dylan’s key takeaways was the importance of surrounding himself with successful individuals. He built relationships with other ambitious landscapers, learning from their experiences and adapting their best practices to his own business. This approach not only provided practical knowledge but also kept him motivated and focused on his goals.

Marketing Tactics That Work in Landscaping

Effective landscape marketing was another cornerstone of Dylan’s business growth. He leveraged social media platforms to showcase his work, sharing before-and-after photos of his projects on Instagram and Facebook. This visual content attracted potential clients and established his credibility.

Dylan also understood the value of customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals. By consistently delivering high-quality services and maintaining open communication with clients, he built a loyal customer base. Happy clients not only provided repeat business but also recommended his services to others, expanding his reach organically.

Success Stories and Real-Life Examples

Overcoming Challenges

Dylan’s journey was not without challenges. From learning how to price his services to managing larger projects, he faced numerous obstacles. However, his determination and willingness to learn from each experience helped him overcome these hurdles.

One notable example was his transition from small $3,000 projects to $20,000 and $30,000 hardscaping jobs. By investing in sales training and refining his negotiation skills, Dylan was able to confidently pitch higher-value projects and secure them successfully. His largest project to date was a $40,000 job, showcasing his ability to scale his business effectively.

Tips for Aspiring Landscaping Entrepreneurs

For those looking to start or grow their own landscaping business, Dylan’s story provides actionable insights and inspiration:

  1. Start with a Solid Foundation: Handle all administrative tasks, such as licensing and insurance, before launching your business.
  2. Invest in Education: Attend industry events and seek training from successful professionals to continuously improve your skills.
  3. Leverage Networking: Build relationships with other landscapers and industry leaders to gain valuable insights and stay motivated.
  4. Effective Marketing: Use social media to showcase your work and maintain strong relationships with clients to encourage referrals.
  5. Embrace Challenges: View obstacles as learning opportunities and remain determined to achieve your goals.


Dylan Brannon’s story is a testament to the power of determination, continuous learning, and strategic networking. By actively seeking knowledge and surrounding himself with successful individuals, he was able to grow his landscaping business from a modest startup to a million-dollar enterprise. For aspiring entrepreneurs in the landscaping industry, Dylan’s journey offers a blueprint for achieving remarkable success.

Ready to start your own landscaping success story? Implement these strategies and share your journey with us. Together, we can build stronger, more successful landscaping businesses.

Feel free to reach out in the comments or through our contact page for more insights or to share your success stories. Happy landscaping!

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