Hardscape Digital Marketing for 7-8 Figure Companies

Not getting enough leads? Having a hard time selling hardscapes? Want a proven plan for growth? Contact us today

Stop wasting money with poor-performing marketing, and generate targeted and exclusive hardscape leads (plus get the support you need to sell more hardscapes).

We Get It. So Do Our Clients.

If you are like most business owners, you’ve had at least one bad experience with a marketing consultant or agency. That’s why we’ve developed our proven process and marketing program to deliver 5 star experiences and results. 

Mark S.
Mark S. Owner - B&D Rockeries
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"Hardscape Marketing Crew’s” services resurrected my business and made me a viable productive company again. I am now stronger than ever in 40 years of business. It felt like a miracle that “HMC” knew how to get us back in the green.
Peter M.
Peter M.Owner - Pavers Matter
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“Hardscape Marketing Crew” has been great to work with from the beginning. The way they keep marketing accountable to sales is refreshing and their focus on reporting and tracking has allowed me to understand the impact my campaigns are having.
Shane P.
Shane P.Owner - The Rock Whisperer
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Professional and Personable. Customized to specifically meet our requirements…. Hardscape Marketing Crew has created a solution that allows our uniqueness to come through, and our customers constantly remind us how easy and informative our website is. Bottom line it translates to increased traffic and sales!

Customized Plans for Your Hardscape Company

Retaining Walls
Outdoor LIving
Water Features
Fire Pits

Websites That Convert

The first thing that we want to do is create you a website that converts. Your site is designed to engage visitors, encourage them to take action, and convert them into loyal customers.

Lead Accelerator

Without traffic and leads, your website's just a fancy sign in the desert. We have a four-step process to making your website dominant on search engines


Our advanced tracking system monitors every website interaction. This way, you know if your marketing efforts are paying off, allowing us to refine our marketing strategy and execution.

We do 3 Things Really Well

And Run a Proven Process

Home services contractors experience steady local growth and regional expansion when they engage in our proven-process. 

It's All Start
With Your
Sales Goals

Learn Business Needs

Your have one or many digital channels, current team, technology, and vision.

Establish Goals

We reverse engineer your digital marketing goals based on your sales goals.

Create A Plan

We do our research and provide a reasonable plan and budget to meet your goals.

Do The Work

Our bolt-on team works with you on getting the right work done according to plan.

Analyze And Review

Performance and progress toward goals are reviewed regularly at your business pace.

And Helps You Book More Jobs Like Clockwork

Generate More Leads
Book More Estimates
Sell More Jobs

Free Scorecard training Video + sheet

The Hardscape Business Owner’s Marketing Growth Scorecard

Frequently Ask Questions

We serve hardscape landscape companies. It’s our niche. Our goal is to help 50 hardscape companies achieve multi 7+ figures and 10 achieve 8+ figures in the next 2 years.

We live and breathe hardscape marketing. 

Instead of working with a generalist agency who doesn’t understand your business you get a niche expert who understands exactly what your business needs to grow. 

We already have the playbook, ads, and copy that will help you achieve dominate status in your service areas. 

We charge based upon the goals of the client in a 3 part framework.

Example, do you want to optimize single, multi, or omni-channels? 

Depending upon the size of your business we may want to focus on being good at a single channel.

If your business is larger we may want to opt for a omni-channel approach and dominate your local market. 

With HMC you get a full service fractional marketing team from leaders to expert doers for your business who will implement the right growth plan that matches your goals for $3500-$9000 per month. 

You’ll see changes to leadership, strategy, tracking, and executing on tasks right away in your marketing team. 

We thrive on transparency in reporting to ensure we are aligned to your leadership team’s goals. 

Once aligned, you will see improvements with the team and analytics in the first 45 days. 

In 90 days you will see results aligning stronger to your growth goals as your digital marketing campaign matures. 

It’s all about building relationships. We earn your business every month. If you don’t like it we, get it and don’t want you to feel like we are holding you back from growing your business.

We want to work with you for an entire year for a campaign to fully mature but if something comes up that requires you to get out of the relationship we understand and can make that happen. 

Watch this video that shows you exactly how we took another client and lowered their operating expenses, increased profits, and as a result helped them cover the cost of all their marketing without any further expense (Net Free). 

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